Long time!?!!

So I’m back.

And if you know about me and mine you would know that a series of random randoms always happens to me. My life on the London Underground has been absolutely hilarious and I’ve now promised myself to carry a camcorder EVERYtime I’m on the London Transport 🙂


I arrived back to London from New York on Friday and was coming home from Heathrow. I took the Piccadilly Line straight home, and it was a mighty long journey. But as the train reached the heart of central London, this is what happened …

So a random guy gets on my carriage with a boombox and destroyed what happens to be my favourite George Michael song, “Careless Whisper.” I didn’t want to cry so I decided to laugh and I think you should too 🙂

You can hear me laughing all over the video, please excuse me, but if it makes you laugh, continue to laugh cos I love laughter 😉


Be Well


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