Hello. Hi.

I’ve seen that I’ve been getting alot of views lately. I’ve totally neglected my blog, and I want to apologise for that. A mixture of procrastination, things, and work have held me back from blogging.

I’m thinking of changing it tho!? Like, starting again. . .

Hopefully I’ll come back soon, hopefully.


Debating with the Israelites

May I just say, unfortunately I could not capture everything this man said but most of it was rude.

He asked us where we came from and we said London but of African descent, and he considered himself superior because he believed his forefathers were “Israelites” because they were slaves.

We were insulted that day, but nothing was going to stop us from laughing at them.

Unedited memoir

After watching Karate Kid in AMC Loews theatre, I don’t even know what came over us. We just felt like kids, literally!

There are more than many videos of us like this. And the victim was called Johnny, at least that’s what he told us his name was.

New York was too good to us, thank you!

SEU JORGE [roundhouse/SUNDAY 17th OCTOBER 2010]

Yaaaasss, I can now proudly say that I’ve seen Seu Jorge! The first time I saw him, was in City of God [my favourite film] and my love for him seems to multiply as he releases his albums, videos, films and such. I’m a sucker for world music because that’s what I grew up listening to. I was in a room full of Brazilians. I kept getting asked, “brasileira?” or “fala português?” and I’d reply, “no, but I can sing in it..” I’ve always been OBSESSED with culture, especially those I can identify with like South Americans, African-Americans, Caribbeans and AFRICANS especially! But Seu Jorge was totally amazing. I adore him, I do, I do I do!!!