been a while…

It’s Black History Month in the United Kingdom right now but it really doesn’t feel like it 😦 but then again, what is it supposed to feel like?


For example, when it’s Christmas there is so much going on. There are events, and countless assemblies or church masses about CHRISTMAS in all schools around the nation. It’s funny, because the 25th December [the day the world celebrates CHRISTMAS] is actually not the day baby Jesus arrived on this earth. No-one actually really knows. But anyway, now, the 25th December has been employed to fulfil commercial duties. lol, I don’t really know why I’m rambling on about Christmas and you may be surprised because it is my FAVOURITE celebration of ALL TIME. I just think it’s a bit disturbing that something as commercial as CHRISTMAS is celebrated, or even yet, acknowledged to such a high degree whereas a lot of people don’t know about their background and so forth. I shall refrain from believing I’m right and should let the truth be known that “black” culture affects us all. we all are citizens of the earth and one person’s experience is OUR history. and when i think of black culture, i’m not just talking about MARTIN LUTHER KING, BLACK PANTHERS and most prolific african-americans. i’m talking about the brothers and sisters in ASIA, SOUTH-AMERICA, AUSTRALASIA, EUROPE and most importantly AFRICA!


it’s sad that there’s nothing there to inspire us to WANT to learn more about culture and BLACK HISTORY but in all fairness, just because schools do not embrace our history it should not mean that we should only celebrate it for one month -_- do not EVER feel confined to stick to that. you are more than that, i know it. some recognition will be great but whatever! pick up a book, or research a country [any country], or go to a random restaurant and see what happens.


the world is mine, this world is yours and it is OURS


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