Circa April 2010

I was just browsing through my videos and came across this one. I should’ve honestly posted this ages ago, but as with everything, I’m always late.

Jesse Boykins III at Cargo

I saw this video and remembered how I felt at that particular time which made me feel warm inside. I remembered how elated I was. And somewhere or somehow in the incunabulum of his stage presence, I realised what he was…

fucking COOL

He confirmed this when I spoke to him after. Sometimes you meet artists who give off a humble aura on stage and as soon as they are back on your level, you see a different side you could never imagine possible. But Jesse was just cool. He made everybody feel good when he sang his heart out. Yes he did. When I spoke to him after the show, I had no specific expectations except I was hoping him to just be nice. I specifically made him write his favourite quote in a book he gave me. I asked for it not to be a quote he’s tweeted or lalalaa but something he believed in and he did it. I took a some of his badges, a few pictures and the dude was still so gracious and humble. It was one of the best evenings ever.

Thank you Jesse Boykins III & Cheryle


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