My Cowboys :)

I’m still in New York and I’m bloody loving it. I’ve met so many people. Like a lot, a lot. I have some new music which I know many would not have heard of, and I also had the pleasure of meeting musicians. Some who have convinced theyselves they’ve made it and others who are fighting for the sweet taste of Success. There were so many things I wanted to do when I came here, but coming here has made me learn alot of things, especially the things I take for granted. I’ve never really seen such hard work from people. Whilst in my head, I feel that everything is cheap, you actually have to pay for virtually EVERYTHING. I’ve been to so many places and what I’ve gathered is everyone here has a dream. When I say I met musicians, I’m not just talking about rappers and singers, I’m talking about drummers, guitarists, pianists etc. I’m in love with the fact that they believe in their craft and go by any means necessary to get somewhere. In this place, everyone knows everyone. It’s not hard to meet new people and discover that they know someone who knows lalalalalaa you know?! It’s definitely been a journey I’ve fully enjoyed because of how open my friend and I have been. The things we’ve done could’ve been dangerous but we don’t regret it one bit. I couldn’t have gone with anyone else and enjoyed myself to this extent. I feel forunate and in super love with the people who’s paths have crossed mine. Without searching, I’ve seen a lot of things that people look for their whole lives and that is ‘inspiration.’

We met this beloved, his name is Jeremiah

New York, We love forever

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