So not too long ago, I had the pleasure of going to see “La Roux” at the Brixton Academy. It was a very very random day/event, I don’t live anywhere near Brixton but to cut a long story short, I don’t regret going. My friend Fanan, managed to get us through to the very front, considering we were so late. I was impressed we managed to not upset anyone by pushing through LOL, but it was awesome. As an admirer of “La Roux” from a-kind-of-far-distance, I attended the concert with the knowledge of only 3 songs lol. But it was overall a great experience. They are awesome on stage and the crowd gave back great energy also. At the end, everyone was happy and it was kind of like we were all family as strangers got to know more strangers. And I use the term “strangers” to refer to me and Fanan. Here are some pictures, and a few videos 🙂



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