It was an ordinary and common Thursday, I should’ve been revising for my exam which was the day after this was released, but I couldn’t help but take myself on a journey I knew would be worth-while. You almost feel like the chosen one when you hear a song that you can completely relate to. It might be the season, or what I’m just feeling at this particular time but I just understand this album for everything it is. The theme of love has definitely been the core for each and every track which was very brave of her as an artist since many “mainstream” artists sing mostly about every Tom, Dick and Harry that swings by their way.

This album can not be put in a box, because it is beyond that

What I love about Ms. Gray’s work is that it can not be easily categorised, which shows she can easily adapt to whatever genre present and can utilise her voice accordingly. Whilst other recording artists will look to music lyrics from the past for inspiration plagiarism, she looks to love which I completely admire and understand!

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