You heard of Film Music?

This band “Hollyweerd” are so very well known for sampling scenes from films which they incorporate into their songs. They kinda sing and they kinda rap (lol, you’ll get what I mean when you download or listen to them) It can be described as Hip-Hop with a New-Wave feel as they themselves described it, but it’s cool stuff. I love them cos they represent the classified “weird people” but we are equal, which is what they convey! They add humour and I just think they are sooo cool 🙂 Try their classical mixtape “Electricity Showroom” ’tis very old but the heck, the sun never gets old so here ye go!


01. Jimi’s Intro / Violet (feat. Tuki) (Beat by 14KT)
02. Ridin Wit My Homiez / Miles Davis’ Lament (feat. Dreamer) (Beat by Samiyam)
03. Triple Chrome Undipped / Hold Up Zeldaq (Beat by Michna / Devon)
04. 3000’s Lesson / Step in Tomorrow (feat. Dreamer) (Beat by Madlib)
05. Black Friday Interlude / Cut the Check (An A.D.D. Production)
06. Eye of the Eagle Interlude
07. Wine & Dine / Love Handle (feat. Dreamer & Stago Lee) (Beat by Obsidian Blue / 14KT)
08. Black Dynamite / All In Your Smile (Produced by 9th Wonder)
09. The Date Interlude / Crazy Girls (feat. Dreamer & Yelawolf) (An A.D.D. Production)
10. Dilla Phone Call (Produced by J Dilla)
11. Bust it Open / Fist Foot Interlude (An A.D.D. Production)
12. The Arrival / A&T (feat. TheMattSmith) (Produced by Jay Jay the Kid)
13. U Scared Shawty (feat. Dreamer) (An A.D.D. Production)
14. Jimi’s Lament / Til Death (feat. Tuki) (Produced by Mr. DJ)
15. Miles Again / Day ‘N’ Nite (Wiimix)
16. Pinexpress / Spend the Night Part 2 (feat. Dreamer & Stago Lee) (An A.D.D. Production)
17. Mandatory Mandate (An A.D.D. Production)
18. I’m Soul / First Class (feat. Stago Lee) (Produced by Amdex / Madlib)
19. Shawty Too Hot / Wizlude (feat. Dreamer) (Produced by Amdex)
20. Carnivale Et Stag (feat. Stago Lee) (Composed by Jon Brion)
21. Member’s Only (Remix) / Sleep Tight (Produced by Aeon / Devon)
22. Jimi Again / Electric Feel (Original Track by MGMT)
23. Kodack (feat. Dreamer) (Composed by Jon Brion)





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