Today’s section of music comes from Kweku Ananse.  He is DJ & Producer who hails from Ghana, West Africa. I wanted to sooo post this on Ghana’s Independence back in March 6th, but yeah, I guess I didn’t. I’m posting this not just because he’s African (Ghanaian) and just bloody awesome at what he does but, had I have made the post on Thursday it would have been on the first day of my exam which was Module Number GV104 (Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.) So I wanted to keep the spirit of Africa flowing!

The Mixtape is called “Libation” For those who don’t know, libations are very popular in much of Africa and it’s kind of like an act of tribute for an occasion, or in honour of a late beloved one or maybe even a deity.

The Tracklist is as follows..

If you’re not very familiar with the eclectic yet traditionally inspired music of Africa, GET FAMILIAR!!






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