Bring on These Exams!

Exam time will soon commence or has already started on my side of the pond. I wish the many who are preparing for it the BEST of Luck! We procrastinate, but it’s never too late to anything. Prepare well, surround yourself with good vibes and sonic energy to help your mind swim within academia.

Below is a picture of the 706-page book I’m making myself read to prepare myself for my first exam next week

Everyday, I will give a suggestion for recommended  FREE mixtapes, compilations or what have you, to listen to.

**(they will not necessarily be the “latest” ones, I just want to share good GOOD music, whatever the genre)**

The first FREE download I would like to suggest is …

fLako X Noir = “Pearls”

I remember, this came out around this time last year. If not, a little bit earlier. Although it has only 6 (kinda short) tracks, believe me, they are an impressive 6 tracks. You will find yourself repeating the tracks, and in that process you can discover something new every single time. For lovers of Hip-Hop and Soul, you can definitely try this. fLako is an impressive German producer and New-Orleanian Noir is not one to sleep on. Together, the two artists make a sound that cannot be imitated. Some may call this progressive Hip-Hop, Electronica and so on. Call me weird or whatever but it reminds me of a cosmic-age and the future i want to discover and open to learn about. I feel/sense “Hope/Desire” if I were to underline these tracks. Personally, I LOVE Noir and discovered him through MySpace in that MySpace-era, which was many years ago (lol only 3-4 years ago). It was through Noir’s sound that I got to discover producers like Legro and fLako. And it was through fLako that I got to discover Hubert Daviz and the story will just go on and on lol. Good music needs to prevail and it can start from now. Your life can start today, listen to the track below and just click the download button below that 🙂




I hope you’ll enjoy it as much I STILL enjoy listening to it. Music can never die, and i’ve been listening to this for like a year. Enjoy this gift they have given us and REVISE WELL. Someone once told me, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. I wish all the best of luck during examinations! Don’t stress yourself too too much and remember to eat right! 🙂


(choice of EP was inspired by both Onome & Leo)


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