Ryan Leslie X Adidas Originals

If you know me well, you would know how much I love LOVE and love to love Adidas adverts. I do become very inspired whenever I see it, everytime! Last week, I came across this video of Ryan Leslie in association of “Adidas Originals.” Ryan Leslie is probably one of the coolest people I’ve personally never met in person before. His relationship with music is rare these days. He’s multi (is there a stronger word than that) talented man and o my, he’s so down to earth. With that said, here is a video of him in Adidas Originals to my favourite track off the “Transition” album titled “Is it Real Love?” The first time I heard this track, I wanted to make like an amature visual to this cos it’s just such a refreshing track, but work and academia are against me lol, but hopefully the universe will give me time in the Summer. But enough about dreams, watch this clip and tell me it’s not awesome and I’ll have to pray for you 🙂

 ..music is art. Art is Love. And Love is REAL


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