New M.I.A.

Long time right?! Listen to this new M.I.A. track titled “Born Free”

It is appropriate for the coming of Summer #PunkRock

It definitely has a message, what do you think?

A lot of people think it’s just noise but I honestly do like it 🙂



  1. Kwarmz

    Also been skeptical about my girl since I saw hear on MTV Base saying,’He had Reebok’s on his feet and Colgate on his teeth’!

    Erm not really for me, but can imagine them festival-goers going GaGa(pun intended) to this!

  2. purplevagabond

    I know right?! Her album’s coming out on June 29th, so they’ll be more for us to see.

    It really does remind me of festivals and drunkardness and much more and that’s all in Summer bay! I love Summer and nearly everything associated with it.

    This tune might just grow on you. The visuals will be out soon I heard. Maybe you’ll be persuaded abit then.


  3. Kwarmz

    If ur willing to take me to one them weird festivals, providing you foot the bill and travel expenses. Or will it be a Wireless 2010 festival ting? Where u again give me a lukewarm hello again!

  4. purplevagabond

    Mwahahahaha!! You are cracking me up, thanks for that.

    But El O El! I wanted to do the WHOLE O2 weekend but I’ll be overseas.

    I love exposing others to good music so I would love to convert your beliefs!

    Providing you agree, I wouldn’t mind inviting you to certain parties you may not go to. Only you have to be open and not be a t-total type dude lol

  5. Kwarmz

    Overseas, look at you sounding like your on ur world tour! As for your invitation, I need to go to a few more parties of of normal zone. I am down. Like the economy.

  6. purplevagabond

    STOP making me laugh so. LOL, where are these jokes coming from? The puns are too much lol. Well okies for the accepted potential invites. I’ll keep in touch so stay awake.

    🙂 🙂

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