An enchanting Interpretation

I have been pretty selfish when it comes to blogging about music I listen to (which is pretty sad because I blog mainly about music), or maybe I’m just lazy. To be honest, I have been pretty lethargic so I send my deepest apologies. Enough about me, I have a cool present for you 🙂
I present to you an wonderful member of the human race and I know him to be GB (Gifted & Blessed.) He is a composer/producer/DJ/Genius and hails from LA. His musical movement may not be a ‘chart-topper’ but I feel it’s a ‘soul-topper.’ (Was that corny?) Nevertheless, the chords, added beats and texture he compiles cooks up something so great.
What we have here are his interpretations of a few songs that you may or may not know. I am mesmerized when I hear the first track alone. Please listen, and may you live long after you listen. You can download the whole compilation, listen, or simply download the tracks you love.

On that note, may your ears be blessed with love for musicians like these are not to be slept upon

For more on GB (Gifted & Blessed) ::

Be Well


P.S. GB, I love you dude 🙂


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