The parting of a hiatus .

I’m back, not sure for how long though. I hope all is well in your blogosphere. With what I have, I will try and blog at least something a day. If it’s via my phone or my baby Macbook.

O and I have news for you UK soul lovin’ cats 🙂

You ever heard of Maria Bentley? If you haven’t please educate your ‘soul’ a lil more

She was brought to my attention through the dearest Paul Aaaron

I have to say, when a sample is done correctly I can only applaud it, this is my favourite track by her take a peek 🙂

and I adore this song

Her voice is like, Chrisette Michele X Angelique Kidjo , que es soul

For my fellow Londoners, she will be performing in JazzCafé THIS Sunday at the monthly UK Soul Jam, with Sir Paul Aaaron of course and many other acts.

It is not a night to be missed


Follow her on twitter :

or checkout

You can download her tracks at

Don’t say I didn’t hook you up 😉

Love love



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