I just remembered that I was born in 1990 ..

.. and I just remember this song SO MUCH! Apart from the ‘Thong song,’ they used to play this in all of the ‘Black’ parties I attended when I was like 9/10

Fun times, AND my footwork was highly impressive LOL

++Redman ft. Busta Rhymes// Da Goodness =)

I hope this song carries great memories of past parties for many, if not, now is better than never


Live, Love, Laugh & Enjoy!

You’ll also like this one, if you like/remember the other

++Busta Rhymes// Dangerous




  1. Liz

    This makes remember that Busta Bus was actually really good back in the day, what happened…
    His videos use to scare the fcuk out of me though.

  2. charlene

    looool its tru bustas videos were very scary for sum reason..i think it was the weird shapes n styles he use to have his drealocks..i knw im strange haa

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