Honestly, .. . . .

I should’ve have done this post ages ago. But I was listening to it so much, I kinda forgot.

Some may know a few of my ambitions in life, if not, you’ll figure out within a day or two how much I love music.

I’m a 90’s baby, but I know my Hip Hop classics lol

So here’s a mixtape I’ve been jammin to for a vely long time 🙂

It’s compiled by DJ Iron Lyon, and all the songs were made in 1992.


I was honestly just about to write the WHOLE track list, but why when you can download and check it out yo’self

(and plus, I found the back cover)

There’s 40 GOOD tracks

Mostly hip-hop, with 2 great R’n’B tracks

Tracks like these make me long for summertime barbecue’s so bad

You can hear the classic R’n’B, Funk and Jazz influences and that equates the beauty of Hip Hop in the early 90’s


Click here to download

Live in Love


P.s. Here is Iron Lyon’s blog


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