A Musical Friday :)

A Friday I won’t forget in a long while .

In West End with a friend, we left HMV for home, and I was so inspired by the music I had to record it lol

(it’s a HD camera, so it’s good quality lol)

This is an ordinary gentleman busking inside Oxford Street Station

Please excuse my background noise, I just got so excited.

But he was so amazing

You can hear me singing (like I know what I’m doing lol)

Then I got on the tube and this happened …

They were so cheeky, when it came to them practically begging for money


They had talent

So I decided to just get off the train and go to see Paul Aaaron’s set in Angel

It was a Neo-Soul/Soul/Nu-Soul night, and I knew his set wouldn’t disappoint

He played Gil Scott-Heron & Erykah Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ for me

(Much appreciated)

He’s a DJ, and he showed us his musical talent along with his good ears and skill

You should’ve heard what he did to Jesse Boykin III’s ‘Amorous’

(I have to ask him to do it again lol)

Follow him on twitter

He can definitely teach you a thing or two.

And this all happened right after I left HMV at closing time

It was a cool day, and I paid nothing lol

Stay Motivated




  1. Sapphire

    I love the buskers on the underground. The best one I saw was doing a rendition of Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd, he was rather awesome, but your busker there, he is amazing.

  2. purplevagabond

    LOL, O i would have loved to see your busker! I could hear this man from the elevators and was so amazed. I gave him ALL my money including my euro’s from my previous French trip. But one of these day’s I’ll make a video called ‘Buskers Got Talent’ lol. They are soooo talented, and deserve much more respect

  3. purplevagabond

    lol, it’s some any samsung camera I bought from argos for my lil’ sister for Christmas which she left in my bag. I didn’t even know how good the quality would be lol

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