Pass me some whisky.

I really need to do this essay I have for politics, but instead I have made something. I’ve been working on a few things from last year, but like many things, I leave it and just let it gather dust. I did these little snippets as I had previously envisioned it in my head as I laid it to rest. I wanted to make a mixtape/compilation album for Christmas but working overtime prohibited this. I need to get myself in check, these are two likkle snippets gyal-like-me did literally a few minutes ago lol. I promise myself I’ll make a good 30mins-1 hour one, one day in my life. And please leave a comment.

I didn’t make these beats by the way

WARNING: I am no professional, I literally did it just now lol.

Right, now back to this essay, which I have to electronically submit in approximately in 9 hours.

Stay Awesome


p.s. Pass me some whisky


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