ÜberCool Chica from Belgium that sings like a Jamaican

So she is caucasian/white but sings like a Jamaican? Her name is Selah Sue and she is 20 years young. The way her songs are written are reminiscent of a a typical reggae style song. The use of repetition in her songs, and the occasional ‘Jamaican’ words give it that Jamaican feel, but you can hear her accent, which makes her unique and interesting. Could she be Belgium’s answer to Lauryn Hill? I couldn’t tell you. However, she certainly has some soul, but I’d say with a European(esque) kick. Definitely definitely worth a listen. Typical coolness. Listen to her sing her song ‘Raggamuffin’ (yes Raggamuffin!)

Listen to the contrast between her voice, accent & ‘singing’ voice

So what do you think?

Sorry I have no download link, I have her tracks but it’s not posting for some reason, but I’m making a my-version-mixtape and so stay tuned to get her tracks 🙂

*Also listen to ‘Fyah Fyah’ & ‘Black Part Love’


Peace, Love & Soul


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