Love music, Hate Racism ♲

Had he have still been alive, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 81 years old on January 15th 2010 (yesterday). Sadly, he was assassinated when he was only 39 years young on April 4th 1968. An advocate for peace in the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King was the youngest to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Award in 1964, and his actual birthdate became a national holiday in the United States in 1968. He is one of the most significant and Greatest African-American beings to have ever lived PERIOD.

‘I Have a Dream,’  is inspirational and moving and is his most famous of them all. This speech was delivered on August 28 1963 at Lincoln Memorial Park, Washington D.C. The purpose of this speech was for all to see that we are all equal. In case, you weren’t there, you can take a peak of his speech ☺☻ :

If you want to read it, Click here.

If you want to download it, Click here.

A man

A husband

A father

A leader

An inspiration

His legacy will continue to live on

But for all those who still live in the 21st century we know that Racism still breathes, and is alive and kicking in today’s society. It breaks me to know that many of us allow such an ugly force to destroy our thoughts and beliefs and our world. Sometimes we say things which we do not even think twice about but when it’s said to you, it’s considered racist. Racism can be used in all shapes, forces and sizes. You know, I can’t stand it when I hear, ‘I’m not racist because I’m black’ or ‘I can’t be racist, my next door neighbour is black..’ So what? We are responsible for ourselves, and we also shouldn’t blame other for our faults. Take responsibility for yourself, and don’t judge others PLEASE. Take a look at this:

Love Music, Hate Racism and -We – Shall – Overcome – Someday – ♪

Without further adieu, enjoy this lovely track by UK Singer Songwriter Szjerdene.

You can download her demo here

My favourite track is Blue Lullaby, have a listen

To the beloved, enjoy!


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