Happy Birthday Aaliyah

You can ask my family and neighbours, Aaliyah was like my hero growing up. She was so cool. She made wearing a bandana look like wearing an epaulette. She was your RnB’s superstar’s superstar’s (no typo) icon, lover, crush or friend. I remember getting this ‘new soul rebels’ CD for Christmas when I was 5 or 6, I heard ‘Back and Forth’ and went crazy. I remember, it was Track 17! I convinced myself I was her distant cousin that was born in the UK from that day forth. Aaliyah’s music is one to hold on to. So many fond memories of times contained with happiness is heavily associated with her music and whole era. Reminds me of my childhood ☺ LoveLoveLove

To download an old skool mixed compilation of Aaliyah, click here

(It’s not great tho)

And if you haven’t got it already, click here to download Aaliyah Revisited which is a cool EP of different artists (Sy Smith, Jesse Boykins III, Tawiah, Vula, Marsha Ambrosius, Afta-1 & Nikko Soul, Jonas, Black Einstein + Baby Sol) paying tribute, the awesomeness is just too much

RIP + Happy Birthdate


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